Audrey Cheng

CS PhD Student, UC Berkeley


I'm Audrey Cheng, a second-year PhD student in Computer Science at UC Berkeley advised by Professors Ion Stoica and Natacha Crooks. I'm broadly interested in databases and distributed systems. I'm affiliated with the RISELab, and I'm supported by a Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship.

Previously, I graduated with a BSE in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University, where I was fortunate to work with Wyatt Lloyd and Kai Li. I have interned on the Themis team at Facebook, which focuses on providing stronger consistency and isolation guarantees for large-scale system.

Latest News

Check out our FB Engineering blog post on RAMP-TAO! (Aug. '21)

RAMP-TAO awarded best industry paper at VLDB 2021! (Aug. '21)


RAMP-TAO: Layering Atomic Transactions on Facebook’s Online TAO Data Store
Audrey Cheng, Xiao Shi, Lu Pan, Anthony Simpson, Neil Wheaton, Shilpa Lawande, Nathan Bronson, Peter Bailis, Natacha Crooks, Ion Stoica
VLDB 2021.

Ownership: A Distributed Futures System for Fine-Grained Dynamic Tasks
Stephanie Wang, Eric Liang, Edward Oakes, Benjamin Hindman, Frank Sifei Luan, Audrey Cheng, Ion Stoica.
NSDI 2021. [paper]

Gryff: Unifying Consensus and Shared Registers
Matthew Burke, Audrey Cheng, Wyatt Lloyd.
NSDI 2020.
[paper] [code]


Unifying Caching Objectives with Learning Relaxed Belady
Audrey Cheng.
Princeton Undergraduate Thesis, 2020.

Consistency Gadgets: Bridging the Consistency Hierarchy
Audrey Cheng.
Princeton Junior Independnent Work, 2019.


“RAMP-TAO: Layering Atomic Transactions on Facebook’s Online TAO Data Store”

RISELab Summer 2021 Retreat (Online): May 2021.
Berkeley Databases Seminar (Online): May 2021.
Berkeley Progressive Systems Seminar (Online): Apr. 2021.
Facebook (Online): Sep. 2020.

“Gryff: Unifying Consensus and Shared Registers”

Facebook (Online): Aug. 2020.

“Unifying Caching Objectives with Learning Relaxed Belady”

Facebook (Online): Aug. 2020.
Princeton ORFE Senior Thesis Oral Presentation (Princeton, NJ): May 2020.

“Consistency Gadgets: Bridging the Consistency Hierarchy”

Princeton SNS Lunch (Princeton, NJ): Nov. 2019.

Fellowships and Awards